The system of recruitment methods is a specially developed system of actions to attract the best candidates for vacant positions who have the necessary competencies to achieve the goals of companies looking for employees. Recruitment is the search and evaluation of professional qualities of employees.

Recruitment of Personnel

The main intellectual resource of all companies are their employees, none of the large enterprises would have achieved their success without qualified employees. In the conditions of the modern economy, it is very important for any company to engage competent specialists in their field of industrial production. To do this, a lot of methods are used to recruit specialists for vacant positions.

The selection of world-class specialists for our clients is the key to the success of the successful and dynamic development of our clients' enterprises. Thus, we attract specialists with world experience to solve the problems of our clients and to come up with fundamentally new methods that contribute to the development of our clients' companies.

Recruitment Technologies

Professional recruitment, carried out at a high level, helps our clients to increase the company's income and increase production efficiency. With our help, our clients achieve their goals and solve high-level technical tasks. In this way, the production processes of our customers are optimized. The selection of employees is a kind of art in which certain methods are used for the selection of personnel to achieve production results.

The search and hiring of relevant employees is not a thoroughly worked out mechanical operation. The search for employees is a unique project, for the implementation of which it is necessary to take into account many individual production factors, conditions and features of an industrial enterprise. 

It is important to take into account and understand not only the age, experience, skills and knowledge of a potential employee, but also to feel the atmosphere developing within the company in general and in each department in particular. All these processes and procedures are necessary for the successful integration of a new employee into the existing team of the company.

Recruitment: this is a way of selecting candidates for vacant positions. As a rule, this includes specialists at the linear level. The recruitment process itself consists in the correct description of the workplace and the type of activity of a potential employee.

Search: This is a method of recruiting staff for middle or senior positions in the company. As a rule, we are talking about heads of departments, directors of enterprises or specialists with very rare knowledge.

Hunting: this method is the most difficult and costly. The hunt for specialists involves luring specific very experienced specialists in a certain field from one company to another.

Study: this is the fastest and most cost-effective method of personnel selection. The study involves the selection of potential candidates based on standard indicators and personal qualities of employees.

Recruitment Process

Regardless of the method of personnel selection, the main processes of selecting potential employees for our clients' enterprises are highlighted.

When there is a need for new employees, a specific description of the activities and responsibilities of a potential candidate for a vacant position is formulated. At this stage, it is very important to clearly define the way to attract a competent and responsible professional for the vacant position of the company. The problem of finding competent and responsible employees is solved depending on the production direction and specialization of our clients' company.

Types of possible employee searches:

  • Search within the Company
  • With the Help of Recruitment Agencies
  • With the Help of Labor Exchanges
  • Using Ads

Preliminary Interview

The main purpose of the preliminary interview is to confirm the compliance of the main stays and duties of a potential candidate for a vacant position. At this stage, as a rule, from 20 to 30 percent of potential candidates are eliminated.

This creates a group of candidates with the necessary competencies, the necessary personal qualities and work experience in similar companies. Such candidates are invited to the next stages of staff selection.

Interviews with Potential Candidates

Interviews with potential candidates are conducted in order to assess the knowledge and skills of a potential candidate. Our qualified employees conduct interviews with potential candidates and find out the suitability of candidates for the appropriate position in the company of our clients. At the same time, we take an objective evaluation position, focusing exclusively on the needs of our clients, and we transmit only objective evaluation data to our clients, the decision is made by the client.

Thus, our clients receive evaluation data to make a favorable and objective decision in favor of the development of their company.

Methods of personnel knowledge assessment:

  • Solving Logical Problems
  • Psychological Analysis
  • Recommendations of Colleagues
  • Survey
  • Testing

Passing various methods of assessing the knowledge and skills of potential candidates helps our specialists to assess the professional level of the candidate.

Selection of The Most Suitable Resumes

Our personnel search department selects all potential candidates who have passed all the selection stages and organizes the last stage of the interview together with representatives of our clients' companies.

At the last stage, the acquaintance of the most suitable candidates for the vacant position and representatives of the company of our clients takes place. Such interviews are often purely formal. Our clients fully trust our specialists and do not see any point in rechecking the candidates we have proposed.

Making a Final Decision

When making the final decision, our clients are guided by our experience and our knowledge in the field of modernization of industrial enterprises and the selection of appropriate employees. Next, the process of integrating a new employee into the production processes of an industrial enterprise and the adaptation of an employee in the company's team takes place.

The processes and technologies of selecting highly qualified world-class specialists can be completely different. The main thing is a vision of the needs of our clients and a clear understanding of what kind of specialist our clients need and what skills, knowledge and personal qualities the appropriate specialist should have.

Our Services

We offer the following services to our clients:

  • Consulting on the Selection of Competent Employees
  • Optimization of Production Processes of Industrial Enterprises
  • Search and Implementation of Competent Employees in Industrial Enterprises

For more information regarding the search and implementation of competent employees, please contact us by phone or email.

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